Someone is mean on the internet

I have not felt like blogging lately. But today I am out of sorts and it is not because of The Franchise, it is because people are mean to each other on the internet.

There are not many topics that generate as much vitriol and animosity as climate change does. Why is this the case? I really don’t know. I am new to these discussions but I am starting to see they contain the same characters arguing similar things with each other over and over again in a sort of endless Groundhog Day. This has been going on for many years now. People have cemented their views of each other and patterns of behaviour have become entrenched. Hopefully I am still new enough for this not to have happened to me.

Something that particularly bothered me yesterday was to witness someone defend another on Twitter, only to himself become the subject of abuse by the person he was defending. Here are a couple of tweets which probably won’t mean much to people who do not follow the discussions, but I want to post them anyway.

and this:

I will not say anymore about it other than this is my way of acknowledging something I felt was unfair.

It would be nice if people could disagree with each other without having to hurl verbal abuse their way and if they misunderstand something, to ask for clarification. And also to apologise for hasty judgements made in error.