Falling in love with inanimate objects

My last precious days in York are flying by. We have a crazy couple of weeks in store as we must now pack up six months of our lives and condense them into three suitcases. This is not going to be easy. On top of that, we have to empty our rental property. We could not find a furnished property to rent when we first arrived here and so we had to rent a place unfurnished which meant acquiring belongings. Now we must remove these belongings. All of them. Cups, plates, cutlery, towels, linen, chairs, beds, toaster, kettle and so on. I am not looking forward to the next couple of weeks.

But the hardest, most difficult thing for me will be saying goodbye to Busby. Busby is my bicycle, a bakfiets. Is it possible to form an attachment to an inanimate object? Because I love my bicycle and I don’t want to sell it, which has always been our plan. Oh, what to do?


21 Replies to “Falling in love with inanimate objects”

  1. So you’re in England? : Ship the bike back to kiwiland: it will be worth it. Trust me. cycling gets into you …and if you love it, it will be hard to clamp down.

    Do it for your health, etc.

  2. Ship, together with other cute things you got there, then you sell the rest to pay off for some of shipping; and I’ll get to see you “Busby happy”.

  3. Ok, so before anyone else suggests ship, I should say this is not an option. It will cost more than the bicycle is worth to ship it. But I did consider doing this.

  4. Since you do have to sell your bike, I say do so, but make it with the provision that the person that buys it takes a picture of it while on a ride at least once a (month, week, whatever feels right) … and have them send the photo to you.

    I hope you have a safe trip back home … and find another Busby back home.

  5. Saying goodbye is so sad and the beautiful bike is a symbol of so much freedom and associated with so many memories. I have really enjoyed your photos of all your Northern tours. I think I’ve mentioned I used to have relatives in York and it is a beautiful place. I’ve enjoyed seeing it all over again in your posts.

    1. It is a beautiful place and I have lots of good memories to treasure in large part because of Busby.

  6. Busby is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! I agree you should ship him. Don’t part with him because I’ve never seen anything like him and you’ll break all of our hearts as well as your own.

    Yes of course it’s normal to fall in love with inanimate objects. Even when I p/x a car for a better one I have to have smelling salts. Good luck with the move!

    1. He really is the coolest thing. I had wanted a Busby for years and years before I finally got him which is probably partly why I’m finding it so hard to have to give him up.

  7. I have an old guitar with great sentimental value. I’m not so much attached to it, as the experiences that it is part of. I think if I lost it, then I should like to be able to keep a part of it as an embodiment of it’s meaning. Perhaps you could keep the bell. If you get depressed then ring it to remind you that there are good things in life and you have been part of them.
    tink 😉

  8. Busby – a wonderful companion and help-mate. Good luck with your packing and divesting.

  9. It would be very hard for me to leave that bike, I hope you take the bell back with you, Annie

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