Geocaching in Nottinghamshire

We are visiting friends in the countryside of Nottinghamshire and it’s lovely. I’m never quite sure whether I’m a town mouse or a country mouse. I love the city with all its lively energy but then I come to the countryside and I love the peace and the beauty. I think I will be forever torn between the two.

Yesterday I discovered something new: geocaching. We went gallivanting about the Nottinghamshire countryside on a geocaching treasure hunt. For those who have never heard of geocaching before, it works like this: you need a GPS-enabled device like a phone, you find your location and using the geocaching site or app find the treasures in your locality – there are lots of them! The treasures are containers of various sizes that ordinary people have hidden. Using your GPS-enabled device, you navigate your way to the coordinates of the treasure and then begin your search for it. It will be hidden somewhere – in a tree nook or under a brick or rock. The treasure, or cache as it is more correctly known, includes a log which you can add your own name and date to as evidence that you have found it. Then the cache gets returned to its hiding spot for the next adventurer and you continue on to search for another treasure. It was quite a lot of fun, Daniel in particular enjoyed the search.

I photographed a couple of the treasures we found:

I also took some photos of the scenery: