Climate change: the state of the science

I’ve just seen this great video about the science of climate change and what we can expect for the next hundred or so years. I think it’s better than the recently released IPCC video which I also posted on my blog. This one is only four minutes and very good. It is produced by a Canadian not-for-profit organisation, Globaïa. Thanks to Chris Wright for bringing it to my attention.

3 thoughts on “Climate change: the state of the science

  1. I watched this….as well as the other one. If something is too long, folks just won’t watch it…..unless they are scientifically oriented…..which I am not. There are too many other things wanting our attention. This tucked in a lot of info in a short film. Maybe if we hear it enough times…we will believe. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, mixedupmeme. I agree that shorter is better and that’s partly why I liked this one. I also thought it was better designed for the general public. Did you prefer it over the other one?

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