Quality of life in York

People in York are shocked when I tell them how much I love living here. Why is that? There’s an assumption that life is better in New Zealand and Australia so I’m going to challenge that assumption with this blog post.

Quality of life is partly subjective and so the things I love about York will not necessarily appeal to everyone else. What makes my quality of life so good?

*I would say that the first and most enjoyable aspect about life for me in York is the freedom to live car-free and to walk and cycle everywhere. I have never felt so fit and healthy in all my life. I never have to sit in traffic and I never have to wait at the petrol station to refuel. I also don’t have to make any effort to include exercise into my schedule because it comes for free with my daily commutes. This is the magic of commuter-cycling: it’s exercise for free.

*I love the climate. If someone was writing about me as some strange, exotic creature in the latest edition of National Geographic, it would read something like: “Habitat: prefers a temperate climate with gentle lighting. Diet: exclusively herbivorous. Behaviour: needs regular exercise”

*I love the history. Walking around the city centre in York is free entertainment because there’s so much fascinating history to admire. I really value this and I find it uplifting.

There are lots of other things to love about York too. The schools here are fantastic, the people are very friendly and the housing is affordable.

Grocery prices are considerably cheaper here than in New Zealand. I don’t know why this is but our living expenses are much lower in the UK. It’s also easier to conserve power especially when you live in a mid-terrace, double brick home with double glazing and insulation as we do.

I have not felt lonely here. I probably should have given that I don’t have many friends here and I’m by myself for much of the time as Ben has been doing a lot of traveling for work of late. I attribute my not feeling lonely to the few amazing friends that I do have here and who I will miss very much when we leave and also to the lovely WordPress community. Thank you all. At least I can take my WordPress friends back to New Zealand with me πŸ™‚