Global warming underestimated

Three posts in one day! I must be procrastinating. But I just have to share this youtube video which explains some research conducted by someone from the University of York – a very fine institution in a very fine city – as well as someone from the University of Newfoundland. According to their newly published paper, the rate of global warming has been significantly underestimated over the past 16 years.

Since 1997 the globe has been warming 2.5 times faster than the met office figures.

The reason for this is explained quite well in the video and it’s because observations of surface temperatures are only available where there are instruments for measuring temperature and these only cover about 84% of the planet. Consequently there are entire regions of missing data and one of these regions is the rapidly warming Arctic.

Victor Venema has a good post about this paper on his blog, Variable Variability.
Michael Tobis also has a good post about it called The Disappearing Hiatus.