Yorkshire Museum of Farming

We cycled to the Museum of Farming on Sunday. It was just outside York so a fair distance for me on the bike but easily manageable and very, very enjoyable. I feel truly alive at the moment with all this physical activity. The museum itself was a great deal more than just a museum. There was a working steam train which we took a trip on, lots of farm animals, a terrific adventure playground for children, a Roman fort and a Viking village. The Viking village was my absolute favourite and I’m told that from time to time there are people living in this village in true Viking form. They live, work and play in the same manner as the Vikings. Some photos.




Inside a Viking home
Inside a Viking home
The Viking Village
The Viking Village
The Viking Village
The Viking Village
Roman Fort
Roman Fort


10 Replies to “Yorkshire Museum of Farming”

  1. Looks like a wonderful family day out, you had better weather than us down here, it was very grey at the weekend not the sun we were promised 😦 Glad you got to enjoy it though πŸ™‚

    1. It was very good weather. It feels strangely summery here again. Where did autumn go?

  2. Awesome pictures Rachel, particularity of the old viking village, I an surprised it is still standing after so many years.

    1. This is not the original village, Bob, but a reconstruction. They did find remnants of the original Viking village but it was buried a couple of metres underground. From the remnants they found, they were able see exactly how they lived including the foods they ate, the houses they lived in and the clothes they wore.

      1. I probably should have been clear on that. The Viking stuff they did find is mostly locked behind glass cabinets in Jorvik (the Viking museum). The nice thing about the reconstruction is that you can walk around the village as you wish and wander in and out of the homes and I believe they depict fairly accurately what a typical village would have looked like 1000 years ago.

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