An English pub lunch

Something missing from Australia and New Zealand is the cosy and characterful village pub. I have fond memories from when I used to live here of visiting English pubs on Sundays for a pub lunch. Today we enjoyed a Sunday lunch at The Black Swan in York, a 15th Century haunted house. It was wonderful. They had something for everyone: plant food for me, roast beef for my carnivorous son and even a dedicated children’s menu. The food was excellent, the service prompt, the people very friendly and the Yorkshire ale from a family-run brewery surprisingly delicious. I only say surprisingly because I don’t normally drink ale but this was good.


14 responses to “An English pub lunch”

  1. You bring back fond memories. Opportunities to live in other countries with your children are to be grabbed with both hands. Mine learnt so much from years away in Africa and England and the fact that you experience it as a family unit is really special.

    • It is a wonderful opportunity for all of us and I’m enjoying every minute of it. The years you spent in Africa must have been particularly exotic!

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