Has Murry Salby passed his Salby date?

I really only wanted to create this post so that I could use the title. 🙂 But perhaps I should flesh it out a little bit.

People who do not follow climate change news will be wondering who is Murry Salby. Murry Salby was a professor of Environmental Science at Macquarie University in Sydney and also a fairly vocal opponent of anthropogenic global warming (AGW). It has just been announced that he was sacked by Macquarie University in May this year.

It is very hard for an academic to get sacked from a University so naturally this is quite big news. It has been followed by the usual squawking from well-known opponents of AGW who argue that he was sacked specifically to silence his views on climate change. Was he?

The University has issued a statement denying this is the case.

Professor Salby’s employment was not terminated in any way related to his views on climate science, but rather due to misconduct in two areas. The first was his repeated refusal to teach, over a sustained period of time, in contravention of his contract of employment.

The second reason was inappropriate use of University resources. Professor Salby travelled to Europe during a time when he was obliged to be at the University against direct, written instruction. Furthermore he used a University credit card to pay for the flights through an unapproved agency. This is against University policy.

Not bothering to turn up for lectures is a good way to silence yourself in my view.

This is not the first time Salby has gotten into trouble with his employer. Prior to his appointment at Macquarie, Salby was employed by the University of Colorado where he was the subject of an investigation by the National Science Foundation. Some of the allegations against him include misuse of grant funding, fabrication of time sheets, failure to adequately disclose conflicts of interest and deceptive conduct. Salby also tried to sue the University of Colorado. I wonder whether he’ll try the same with Macquarie?

For more information see Graham Readfearn’s article Climate Sceptic Professor Sacked From Australian University Was Banned By National Science Foundation For “Deceptive Conduct”.