Lake House Arts

A few weeks ago Daniel attended a dragon-making art class at the Lake House Arts centre. I took some nice photos but have been too busy reading scientific journals to upload them to my blog. Here they are at last:

In progress



While Daniel was busy being artistic, Elizabeth and I wandered around the grounds. They have a lovely playground, some interesting garden sculptures and a cafe.






9 thoughts on “Lake House Arts

  1. I just knew I wasn’t collecting my empty toilet rolls in vain. My house is going to be full of dragons soon. Yeayyy!!! Nice pics of the kids too. 🙂

  2. Rachel,
    What a great example of a Victorian/Edwardian seaside boardinghouse Lake House is.I doubt there are many similar fine ones in Australia.Perhaps at Sandy Bay Hobart,or on the Mornington Peninsula.Auckland has much for which to be grateful .It was sad to be reminded of the 1919 flu epidemic and the demise of the Sheppard family ownership.

    1. Thanks, Doug. Somehow the Christchurch earthquakes have made me even more fond of older architecture than I was before. Christchurch has lost so many of its old buildings and with them a huge amount of history and character. I love Auckland’s old buildings and really value them because of this. I can’t wait to go to York for the same reason. There is an amazing amount of history and glorious architecture in the city of York.

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