Fish and Al Gore

I’ve had some comments on my blog in this post – Fish unaware of global warming hoax – that have raised too many points for me to address in a comment alone, so I am writing a new post specifically for this.

In my post I wrote about a new paper by Cheung et al. in a scientific journal which quantifies the stamp of global warming on the world’s fisheries.

Doug suggested that this was junk science and directed me to WUWT. I went and read WUWT to see what he was referring to. Anthony Watts has written a blog post suggesting that this is nonsense because the world’s sea surface temperatures have not risen for 19+ years. I’m not going to bother addressing whether sea surface temperatures have risen or not, if anyone wants to find out for themselves I recommend a scientific journal like this – Global and North Atlantic climate trends over the past ~150 years.  

So why am I not going to address this claim specifically? It’s simple really: fish do not swim at the surface. Now it’s possible that I’m wrong and that every time I’ve gone out on a boat the fish have hightailed it away from the surface just to make me think they don’t swim there. So I thought I’d better get some data to back up my claim. Here’s the mean catch depth for each ocean:

Pacific Ocean – 4.37km

Atlantic Ocean – 4.08km

Indian Ocean – 3.93km

Southern Ocean – 4.51km

Arctic Ocean – 1.21km

So what’s happening at the depths fish do swim at?


Note: pentadal means 5 years

As I have said before, I think it is perfectly reasonable to take issue with a scientific paper but it first requires that you read the entire paper and not the abstract or a flawed analysis at WUWT. So if Doug says the Cheung paper is junk science, he needs to address the evidence and say why it is flawed. Is there an error in their calculations? Is there a flaw in the methodology? It’s no good telling me the paper is junk science because Anthony Watts thinks it is or because some other paper suggested that warmer waters will make sharks more aggressive.

Another comment I want to address is from Eve:

“Al Gore,
Rhymes with bore,
Started it all.”

Joseph Fourier was the first to argue of the existence of the greenhouse effect in 1824. I’m pretty sure Al Gore wasn’t around back then.

This video was shown to school children in the 1950s:

It is taken from an educational film called The Unchained Goddess and was made in 1958. Al Gore was 10 years old in 1958.