Dolls' house versus aliens

Daniel and Elizabeth were intently focused on their play this morning.

Me: What are you playing?
Daniel: Dolls’ house versus aliens.
Me: Who are the aliens?
Daniel: My cuddly toys. They do mean things to the dolls’ house animals.
Me: What sort of mean things do they do?
Daniel: They squash them.

It is true that some of Daniel’s cuddly toys look like aliens. Especially the ones I’ve crocheted.

Elizabeth has started naming her toys. She has Dent and Dent’s Mum and Nicky and Nicky’s Mum. She has also taken to picking up blades of grass from our walk to school each morning and calling them “persons”. Here she is with two of her “persons”.


8 thoughts on “Dolls' house versus aliens

  1. I used to make ‘Angels’ out of our flowers at Bodmin Place, and there was a special type of stick that I always used as my horses.

    How gorgeous is her hair? I swear it is thicker and longer then Christmas!


  2. I think that the person on the left may be be Paspalum dilatum! The red eyes make her look like an alien! She is gorgeous though.

    1. I thought about editing out the red eyes but changed my mind. I generally like my photos to remain just as they were when taken – pure and unadulterated.

  3. I was starting to get interested in cowboy suits and six shooters at Daniel’s age but aliens are just as much fun.Daniel is right.The best aliens are cuddly toys and not those horrible creatures in the “Aliens” movie.

    1. It’s interesting to see how heros and villains change with each generation. Thanks for your comment. I’m very pleased that we can agree to disagree 😉

  4. Are the aliens among the toys Daniel takes to bed with him? I’m wondering also if Elizabeth’s ‘persons’ are starting to appear in dead heaps around the house. Hope not for your sake. 🙂

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