The lucky boys

A little while ago I mentioned that Daniel and Elizabeth are sponsoring two roosters at an animal sanctuary, Arborfield Sanctuary, north of Auckland. Yesterday we visited the sanctuary and gave some of the roosters a cuddle. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a pleasure meeting Robyn and Malcolm who are clearly passionate about their sanctuary which is just fledgling, having opened less than a year ago. It was uplifting for me to meet some people making a grassroots contribution to animal welfare.

What is usually a very green, lush drive up north, was instead a drive past some very parched landscape. New Zealand is currently experiencing the worst drought in more than 7 decades.

View from car window

Arborfield Sanctuary is home to more than 40 roosters! They all live very peacefully together. Here are some of the very lucky boys:


The sanctuary is home to more than roosters. They also have alpacas, donkeys, goats, sheep, cows and alpacas.

The goats

Like most country folk with animals to feed, Arborfield Sanctuary is struggling with the drought. The animals need food. Sponsorship helps them the most, and animals can be sponsored for as little as $10 per month. Or if you know anyone with connections to people in the food industry, pass this on. They need grains and cereals, hay, bread and anything that doesn’t spoil too quickly.