Make a wish

Elizabeth has just discovered how much fun it is to make a wish on fluffy dandelion seeds, spreading the invasive weed far and wide.


Me: What did you wish for?
Elizabeth: Coins.
That’s a bit materialistic for a 3-year-old, isn’t it?
Elizabeth: Chocolate coins.
Phew. She’s more interested in chocolate coins than metal ones. That’s how it should be.

Daniel is still taking a ridiculous assortment of toys to bed. He recently added a basketball and ukulele to the mix:

IMG_1436The inventory (there’s quite a bit hidden from view in this pic):

  1. basketball
  2. ukulele
  3. pencil
  4. water bottle
  5. tennis racquet
  6. fat lady bug
  7. octopus
  8. waddles
  9. plastic cup
  10. angry bird
  11. pencil
  12. wooden toy fence
  13. plastic hammer
  14. sea turtle
  15. plastic spanner
  16. orange snake
  17. large moon
  18. red roof
  19. small boy

Children are so funny.