Waitangi Day

A friend of ours said to me this morning, “I read the article you wrote for Stuff Nation”. What!?

A couple of weeks ago I made a blog post about how to save the world by bicycle.  I’m quite passionate about this  topic and really wanted to spread my thoughts and because I only have 6 regular readers of my blog – mum, dad, sister, aunt, niece and friend, ha ha – I decided to submit my article to Stuff Nation, a local news source that encourages readers to submit their views. Unbeknownst to me, they published my article. It is here: Bicycles could save the world. It has since received 133 comments! I enjoyed reading them all very much, even the derogatory ones.

Today is Waitangi day, a public holiday in New Zealand. It celebrates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 by representatives of the British Crown and Maori Chiefs. The purpose of the treaty was threefold: to formally establish British sovereignty of New Zealand; to recognize Maori ownership of land and property; and to grant Maori equal rights with British subjects. It is considered the founding document of New Zealand.

There is both an English and Maori version of the treaty but because they differ quite considerably, there is disagreement to this day about what exactly was agreed to.

The best thing about the treaty is that we got to enjoy a day off. So we went to French Bay.


10 thoughts on “Waitangi Day

  1. I am not surprised that you got all of those comments re your bicycle suggestions. You are developing quite a reputation. Good that you can have such fun going to NZ beaches to get your mind off all of those thorny issues that trouble the mind.

  2. Congratulations on being a published (by a third party) author. Good to see that your article generated so much debate.
    Enjoy seeing the photos of all your outings. No-one could accuse you guys of being couch potatoes!

  3. Haha, I just sifted through all your comments Rach! Amazing work, I disliked a few close minded bozo’s comments for you too 🙂

    How different ‘Australia Day’ is to NZ’s Waitangi Day. I struggled to find an Australian my age who actually knew what we were celebrating, and when I did some research, I was ashamed that we were.

  4. Good on you for stirring the pot Rachel, even if you hadn’t expected it to reach so many.
    PS: The 4 of us have just purchased new bicycles. Loving it too.

    1. That’s great! Enjoy your cycle time. We will hopefully become a cycling family when we go to York for the second half of this year. Can’t wait!

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