My husband looks like my dog

“Did you get the dog to match your husband?”, a woman asked me today. This is because I shamelessly entered both dog and husband in the SPCA pet-owner lookalike competition at the Torpedo Bay Naval museum in Devonport and she was astounded by the resemblance. I could have answered with, “I got the husband to match the dog” since the dog came first but instead I told her that they’ve grown alike over the years with the greying of my husband’s hair. This is probably the more accurate answer anyway, although Ben did have to pass the dog-approval test prior to the establishment of our relationship. And he did, with flying colours.

IMG_1262The Navy Museum is currently running an exhibition called Mates and Mascots which celebrates the service provided by animals to sailors on ships, from catching vermin to providing companionship. Today was pet day with pets welcome to enjoy a family day-out and to help raise money for the SPCA. There were competitions, one of which was the pet-owner lookalike. Although Ben and Freud were the best lookalike there, they did not win. The prize was given to a child and her dog instead. Am I a sore loser? Absolutely.