Saturday morning at Takapuna

It has been quite hot here. Not as bad as the heat folks in Australia are enduring, but hotter than we’re used to. So we’ve been swimming in the sea every other day and I’m quite enjoying it. This morning I thought it would be nice to go for an early swim at Takapuna beach so that we could take Freud. Dogs are allowed on the beach before 10am.

The beach was a heaving promenade of dogs and their owners. The water was calm and very refreshing. Then afterwards we retreated to the nearby Jam organic cafe which was very dog- and kid-friendly with superb coffee.

Takapuna beach looking north towards the Boating Club
Takapuna beach looking south
Ben, Daniel and Elizabeth
Rangitoto Island in the distance
Elizabeth trying to get Freud to go for a swim
Ben, Daniel and Elizabeth
Big dog coming to sniff Freud’s bum
Jam cafe

4 Replies to “Saturday morning at Takapuna”

  1. Brings back nice memories of my time in NZ and our visits to the beach.

    1. That’s good to hear. There was actually a bit of surf the day we took you.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! I remember it well. Not as good as Main Beach, of course, but certainly a lot calmer for small children and you don’t have to worry about swimming between the flags either.

    1. We have been going quite regularly. The sea is warmer than I expected.

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