Earthquake strengthening, Tourette's and Team Work

I snapped a photograph of this building in central Auckland last week because not only does it look beautiful, but I think it has the most effective earthquake strengthening I’ve seen yet. That facade is never falling off!

The paediatrician who saw Daniel a couple of weeks ago phoned me this week. She wanted to let me know that she was writing up a letter to send back to our GP and that she was adding Tourette’s Syndrome to it. Remarkable! We suspected he had Tourette’s ourselves, even querying the doctor about this at our appointment (she said no at the time), but it’s remarkable that another disorder can be simply be added as an afterthought with no further contact or observation of the child.

Daniel is doing very well at the moment. It’s looking more and more like Mathematics is his thing.  He did some group-work in class this week which involved his team having to find solutions to some maths problems. Daniel knew the correct answers but didn’t understand that he had to communicate them to his team. His team kept getting the answers wrong which had Daniel in fits of frustration because although he told the teacher the correct answer, his team failed to get a point since as a group, they were getting it wrong. Team-work can be hard at any age especially when your team is crap.

Over the past month, Daniel has gotten into the habit of filling his bed with toys just before going to sleep. This is fine except that he leaves little room for himself and has fallen out of bed at night twice now as a result. He never wakes up when he falls out. We find him fast asleep on the floor.

8 Replies to “Earthquake strengthening, Tourette's and Team Work”

  1. Hahaha that picture of Daniel is so funny. I must say, I used to do the same thing until the age of, uh… twelve? I would sleep with ALL my fluffy toys and only have a third of the bed to myself. As a result, we had to put up the bar that used to prevent me from falling out when I was younger, except this time it was to prevent the toys from falling out!
    By the way, just noticed you posted this on November 15th… It’s still the 14th here. So how’s the future, eh?

    1. You mean we’ve got to put up with this for another 7 years!

      The future is pretty good. Cool and overcast here – my perfect kind of weather.

    2. I think that I might start filling my bed with toys if it helps me sleep even when I fall out of bed!!

  2. Daniel’s trucks don’t have any soft edges! Ouch! How does he sleep so well?
    I think that building is The Northern Club on Princes Street. I remember walking past it when we stayed in accommodation near Auckland University a few years ago. Lovely old building in an beautiful part of the city!

  3. Hey babe

    Was thinking as I’m writing one line quips on all of Kirra’s photos I should try that with your blogs so I can start getting more into the communication mode and feel more connected. I’d love to meet your kids – have I really not seen you since your wedding!! I thought I met Daniel when he was younger but can’t remember when that was so perhaps I’m confusing with photos I see. Anyway, I do want to get to NZ next year if the timing works. I know you’ll be in York in the second half so we’ll have to see.

    Anyway, all that to say…what does Tourette’s involve beyond the stereotype you see in the movies. How badly does he have it and do you think it will affect him much in life? You always sound so calm and practical about all these things going on with Daniel – which is very admirable I must say – but it lulls me into this sense that everything is ok. But it just dawned on me I should check. Is everything ok? Are you ok?

    The picture of Daniel with his toys is very cute.

    ok, more than one line but we’ll see how we go 🙂


    1. Thanks for your lovely thoughts. I’m fine about it all. How could I not be? Daniel’s a gorgeous kid. I wouldn’t change him in a second.

      I haven’t seen you since the wedding which was 6 years ago now. Would love to see you next year.

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