Gorgeous Elizabeth and quakes

Elizabeth is such a cutie. I got some good photos of her this week:

The news this morning reports of a Mag. 5.2 earthquake in Victoria, Australia. That’s pretty big for Aussie but reassuringly, it’s the biggest earthquake to hit Victoria for over 109 years. I say reassuringly because although earthquakes happen everywhere, they are far more frequent close to the plate boundary and New Zealand *is* the plate boundary. Australia sits in the middle of a plate. The September 2010 earthquake that hit Christchurch was a Mag. 7.1 and it was the biggest earthquake to hit the south island of New Zealand in just over a year. There was a Mag. 7.8 in 2009. According to Geonet, New Zealand experiences an earthquake of Mag. 7 – 7.9 every 3 years. I wonder where the next one will strike. Hopefully not Auckland.

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