New Chums beach and more

Our weekend of adventure is now over and we are back at home. Fortunately the mishaps we had at the beginning did not continue and the rest of our weekend was very nice. We stayed in a little place called Whangapoua. The nearest beach was just a short 5 minute walk away:

There was another short walk over the hill to Opera Point. It was very beautiful:

The beach we visited on Saturday afternoon is called New Chums beach and was rated by The Observer as one of the top 20 best deserted beaches in the world. It is not accessible by car and can only be reached via an obstacle course of wading through a lagoon, clambering over rocks and trekking through jungle. We set out on foot as a party of 6 including a two-year-old, a five-year-old, an ageing poodle and Granny as well as myself and Ben.

Here are the photos of our expedition:

The lagoon
Ben, Daniel and Freud (can you spot him swimming across?).  Freud loved the swim and went back for a second crossing.

Shaking off the water
Clambering over rocks
Navigating the jungle

Finally, we reach New Chums beach:

The beach itself was very nice. Picture a carpet of soft, white sand against a shoreline of Pohutukawa trees and an expanse of blue-green water. There is some interesting geology in the nearby cliffs and a couple of mysterious islands in the sea. The jungle part of the walk is lined with Nikau palms.

Part of the attraction of the place is the adventure one has to take in order to get there. If you could drive up to the beach and park in a nearby carpark, I think it would lose its appeal. We all enjoyed the expedition, especially Daniel who I thought might find it testing. Freud also loved the whole thing, especially the swim.

Today we left Whangapoua and drove south. We stopped at Cathedral Cove which had views to die for.

There was a walk down to the beach but we could not go because dogs were not allowed. This was very disappointing because I think it would have been amazing down there.

We stopped at a Farmer’s Market for lunch and encountered this enormous dog:

No-one is eating lunch at this table

We also visited famous Hot Water beach where you can dig a hole in the sand in a geological hot spot and find hot water to make your own hot bath. We did not get to do any digging however because it can only be done within a couple of hours of low tide and we were there around high tide. I did get a photo of the beach though which was very rough and windy and generally quite an unpleasant place to be:

Finally we headed home and managed to avoid getting lost this time but we were greeted by Auckland traffic just south of Papakura:

Auckland: I hate you.

2 responses to “New Chums beach and more”

  1. Rachel,I love all your photos of all the lovely places we visited. Great record of a truly memorable weekend which despite a rather inauspicious beginning of (almost) losing our way in the Coromandel forest on a dark night turned out pretty well. The swim at Chum's Beach was hard to beat – perfect surf and clear, super clean water. Thanks,Mumx

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