Phantom Earthquakes

Phantom earthquakes occur when trucks pass the house and cause just enough rumbling and vibrating to make you think there’s another earthquake imminent sending all bodily systems into acceleration. Almost instantly you realise it’s just a truck and not an earthquake, but the change in heart rate, blood pressure and respiration rate has already begun. It also occurs with trains, some noisy cars, doors slamming, power tools and Daniel jumping. I am not alone in feeling these. Everyone in Christchurch feels them. I took the kids to morning music for the first time a week or so ago. It was in a new building because the old one is within the red zone. (red zone = not accessible to public) The first thing the organiser mentioned was to warn us that there’s a train line behind the building and so we may hear the sound of a passing train. The implied meaning: it’ll be a train, not an earthquake so stay calm and carry on. On a different topic, here are Ben’s buns:

24 of them, made yesterday and now all gone. There are just four of us in the house (+ two dogs but they didn’t get any). Elizabeth doesn’t eat much so the three of us gluttons ate the whole lot. And delicious they were.

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