Tinder for dogs - We’ve been doggy-sitting a friend’s pooch today. Meet Bramble: Our dogs died several years ago and with the […]
Back home through Ballater - We are back in Aberdeen after a lovely few days staying in Braemar, my favourite village in Aberdeenshire. […]
Creag Choinnich - We walked up to the top of Creag Choinnich today and it was marvelous. It’s probably one of […]
A lost kayak and the Queen’s Drive circuit - Some kayakers lost a kayak in the River Clunie today and we watched the rescue operation. I’m amazed […]
Photos of Braemar - We’re in Braemar today and gosh I love this place. I think I could retire here. You can […]
How to be a healthy vegan - Climate change is spawning a mass vegan movement in a way that concern for animal welfare never did. […]
Skiing in Aberdeen - We had another glorious day in the snow today. My mum is visiting and here she is getting […]
Winter wonderland - We woke up to a glorious winter wonderland this morning which was followed by a lovely sunny day. […]
Happy birthday, Daniel - My boy turned 12 yesterday. Where did the time go? He came into the world listening to his […]
How to get exercise without doing any exercise - I’ve started wearing my Fitbit again and yesterday, without doing any exercise at all, I managed to clock […]