Killer Kale - Elizabeth has been working on a screenplay for a vegan zombie film called Killer Kale and one of my co-workers graciously applied his Photoshop skills to the movie poster. Thank you, Ryan! It’s perfect.
Is this a scene from a horror film? - In keeping with my earlier proclamation about not giving a rat’s arse about what anyone else thinks, behold the uninhibited Rachel looking like a dork and wearing pyjamas. I ate all that green stuff just after the photo was taken. It’s produce from my plot at the allotment which is where I went in the … Continue reading Is this a scene from a horror film?
Goodbye goody two-shoes - Yesterday I did everything in my power to kill myself accidentally. It’s fortunate I survived because today is my birthday and I’m now the meaning of life, 42. I’m a bit of a goody two-shoes but this is only because I don’t like getting into trouble. This makes it doubly painful when I do the … Continue reading Goodbye goody two-shoes
Insufferable mathematicians - Elizabeth had some homework this week which involved asking a member of her family to write some random numbers between 0 and 1,000 on a piece of paper for her to put in the correct numerical order. She asked her father and this is what he gave her: 869, 17, 3.5, 29, 19, 437, 832, … Continue reading Insufferable mathematicians
The bungee run - We took the grandparents to Crathes Castle today and there was an event going on with lots of bouncy castles and children’s activities. The kids enjoyed this bungee run the most. We have been to Crathes Castle so many times but we only just realised today that King Arthur is painted on the ceiling of … Continue reading The bungee run
Dunnottar Castle - Scotland has been voted the most beautiful country in the world by the Rough Guide. I agree with that sentiment. New Zealand has more striking landscapes but Scotland has history and culture and it’s also safe – no earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, cyclones, or dangerous animals. My mother is visiting and yesterday we went to Dunnottar … Continue reading Dunnottar Castle
Sack racing in front of the Queen - We were very pleased to return our campervan today and return home to hot water and flushing toilets. I’ve realised that those old VW campervans are just for young, cool people who can defy their natural biology by not producing any poo. Ben and I both have war wounds. Ben for hitting his head on … Continue reading Sack racing in front of the Queen
On top of the world - We’re in Braemar for the weekend but were unable to get any accommodation because the Braemar Gathering is on and so we decided to book a 1974 VW campervan and take our own accommodation.   It has been a bit of a disaster so far. I had a lot of problems shifting gears. I learnt … Continue reading On top of the world
I’m on TV! - This morning I was interviewed by John Parkinson from WordPress TV about what WordPress means to me. Is this my stepping stone to a part on Doctor Who? I probably should have brushed my hair a bit better first. John interviews people who attend WordCamps. He has other great interviews on the WordPress.tv site.

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