The Bridge House Stables - We’re just back from a fantastic weekend away staying at the Bridge House Stables in Perthshire. It’s an […]
Old things - I love old things. We’re doing some exploring this weekend in a beautiful part of Scotland. I love […]
I think our transport planners are stuck in a 1970s time warp - I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry about this article – Is this the worst cycling event […]
Praise the oat drink - I am loving the Marks and Spencer oat drink. I only just discovered it and it’s delicious! After […]
The weekly yield - This is what I picked from my allotment yesterday. There is more I could have picked but didn’t, […]
I don’t like what you wear but I defend your right to wear it – part 2 - If Boris Johnson hadn’t generated a media tornado this week with his burkas resemble letterboxes comment I would […]
Broad Street is open to buses - Broad Street is open to buses again after several months of closure while construction work was carried out. […]
Wounded - I hurt my finger. Can’t type very well. It was a can of lentil soup. Those things are […]
Bees and toads - I can only get to the allotment once per week but it changes so much with each visit. […]
Elizabeth’s signature dish - Elizabeth has been cooking like crazy these holidays. She can read and follow a recipe almost entirely on […]