Smacking is a euphemism for assault - Smacking is to be banned in Scotland, hopefully from next year, and I’m very happy about this. But […]
ET phone home - They say you can’t cycle in the rain. Well poop to them because that’s exactly what we did […]
Cyclists are better drivers than motorists, says insurance firm - This week as I walking home from school I saw a mother crossing the road with her young […]
Designing for Cycle Traffic - I’ve just run my very first campaign as the new Campaigns and Communications Secretary of the Aberdeen Cycle […]
A lemon tree in Aberdeen - I know I shouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch but I’m so excited about these little babies […]
The road to hell is paved with chocolate and cars - I can’t resist temptation. Buy me a block of chocolate and I’ll eat the whole thing in one […]
Courgettes and tomatoes - I’ve been so busy this month with cycling-related activities that I’ve neglected my plot. However I managed to […]
The People’s Front of Judea - So much of life is like a Monty Python sketch. They were so cleverly able to turn life […]
When no one comes to your talk - Yesterday I gave a talk at the Aberdeen Science Centre to, er, 6 people. That’s embarrassing enough as […]
Pollution from cars is harmful to children - Air pollution from motor vehicles is harmful to humans but especially harmful to children. We know it can […]