Christmas holly - Yesterday I discovered Christmas decorations growing over our back fence – holly. Holly is a native shrub in […]
Strong, fit, and healthy - I love Saturdays. I feel so strong and energetic right now and the weekend is my time to […]
Sunday at the beach - Elizabeth was invited to a birthday party today at Laser Tag which is by the beach. We don’t […]
Vegan panforte - Ben’s mother often makes panforte during the Christmas period and it’s one of the yummiest things I’ve ever […]
It’s 4C and I’m hot - I love our Saturday bike rides to Highland Dance for Elizabeth followed by lunch at Newton Dee. My […]
In praise of my electric cargo trike - Elizabeth has been off school sick this week and not wanting to make her walk to school each […]
Family history - For several years now I’ve been working on a family tree at My Heritage. Recently I discovered another […]
Air pollution event recap - I helped organise an air pollution event in Aberdeen yesterday. This was a joint initiative of the Aberdeen […]
The amazing Daniel - I’m so proud of this boy who was voted House Captain by his peers! Well done, Daniel. You […]
Cycling on the AWPR and a weekend of protests - The AWPR still hasn’t opened. It has been beset by delays and no-one knows when it will open […]