Aberdeen City Council to report on the bike path for Union St petition - Yesterday I got to speak at the Operational Delivery Committee at the Aberdeen City Council to argue the […]
Rewarding excellence - I’m excited to announce that I have a new job! This week I started working for an Australian […]
Pedal on Parliament 2018 - It’s just over two weeks until Pedal on Parliament in Aberdeen. If you want a more cycle-friendly Scotland […]
My son told me off for being sexist - My 11-year-old son told me off for being sexist this week. We were watching TV and one of […]
Wallpapering again - I thought I’d never do it again but this week I felt inspired to remove some wallpaper in […]
Kishorn and Courthill House - All good holidays must come to an end and that end, for us, is today. Yesterday we spent […]
Diabaig, Scotland - I must be a sucker for punishment because we went for another scary drive today. This time we […]
The Applecross Pensinsula - Yesterday we drove over The Bealach na Bà which was terrifying. It’s like driving into the jaws of a […]
The Bealach na Bà - I summoned the courage to drive the Bealach na Bà today and it was a hair-raising and buttock-clenching experience. […]
Lochcarron Weavers and Strome Castle - Yesterday was rainy and so we had a lazy day and pottered around Loch Carron. We spent an […]