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  • Coding in MC DiamondFire

    Coding in MC DiamondFire

    Daniel has been discussing maths and physics with Ben but not for schoolwork, for Minecraft! He’s got really into coding in Minecraft and has developed a game within the game which involves, among other things, throwing special blocks called slime blocks and watching them bounce. For this he needed vectors. This is a great example […]

  • Enabling debug in WordPress

    Enabling debug in WordPress

    In my post about troubleshooting WordPress plugin problems I expalined how to disable plugins and themes when you don’t have access to the wp-admin dashboard. But what if that doesn’t fix the problem? Suppose it’s not a plugin or theme breaking the site but something else. The next step in this scenario is to turn […]

  • Troubleshooting plugin problems in WordPress

    Troubleshooting plugin problems in WordPress

    You’ve just installed a new and exciting plugin on your WordPress site which you can’t wait to use but it breaks the site. You can no longer access the wp-admin dashboard and all your visitors are seeing a white screen of death when they try to load the page. Fortunately there’s an easy way to […]

  • Creating Minecraft mods: setting up the environment

    Creating Minecraft mods: setting up the environment

    Note: I’ve created a two YouTube videos showing how to do this – part 1 & part 2. Yesterday I posted a guide for installing Minecraft mods on a Mac. The logical next step to this is is creating your own mods. This is not quite as easy as installing them – you will need […]