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  • Scavenger hunt and Crathes Castle

    Scavenger hunt and Crathes Castle

    Last weekend we participated in a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt as part of a fund-raising exercise for the school. We didn’t win but we had a fun time nevertheless and opted to do some of the challenges at Crathes Castle which is always worth a visit. Here are some of the photos. We had lunch […]

  • Lake Polmuir

    Lake Polmuir

    There’s lots of news today. We got woken by a massive thunderstorm this morning with torrential rain. The rain was so heavy that many streets in Aberdeen and Stonehaven¬† flooded. This is Polmuir Road in Aberdeen at around 8:30am this morning. The water has subsided now. A train derailed in Aberdeenshire this morning killing three […]