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  • Fossil free funds

    Fossil free funds

    I have been looking for a pension (superannuation) fund for a couple of years now that’s completely fossil fuel-free. It was harder than I expected because even the self-described “ethical” funds had a small proportion invested in oil and gas. Finally, I’ve found one! It’s the Baillie Gifford positive change fund. They get an A […]

  • Morse code

    The other day Elizabeth was waiting anxiously for Daniel to get home from school because she wanted his help with something. I asked her what she needed him for and it was to translate morse code and hexadecimal. This prompted more questions. How does Daniel know morse code and hexadecimal? And what was Elizabeth wanting […]

  • Ethical investments?

    I just got around to joining the superannuation program offered by my employer in the UK and so I thought I’d investigate fossil fuel divestment. After all, I don’t want my, er, £364 going into the pockets of fossil fuel companies. I’m sure fossil fuel companies are shivering with fear just at the thought of […]