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  • Elizabeth’s 13th birthday and a Hogmanay ceilidh

    Elizabeth’s 13th birthday and a Hogmanay ceilidh

    Welcome 2023 and happy hogmanay! Yesterday was a crazily busy day. It started early with cake-baking for Elizabeth’s birthday. She turned 13 and I finally got to hand over the ant colony which is thankfully still alive. She is still pondering a name for the Queen and her empire. I made a chocolate cake which […]

  • Hogmanay and Elizabeth’s 12th birthday

    Hogmanay and Elizabeth’s 12th birthday

    It’s Hogmanay and Elizabeth’s birthday today. The years tick by and although there are big global events – like the pandemic – we still go through all the same motions each year. Elizabeth is 12 and had a lovely celebration at home with two of her school friends. Elizabeth was such a cute little baby. […]