Motorist hits cat and doesn’t stop

As we were walking to school this morning we saw a motorist run over a cat. The motorist didn't stop and the cat was screaming in agony in the middle of the road. We gently picked her up and went door-knocking to find the owner. She was badly injured but still alive. A cyclist also… Continue reading Motorist hits cat and doesn’t stop

Cyclists are better drivers than motorists, says insurance firm

This week as I walking home from school I saw a mother crossing the road with her young daughter. The mother was on a bike and the little girl, who was only about 5, was on a scooter. The mother did what every parent would do: she sat in the middle of the road on… Continue reading Cyclists are better drivers than motorists, says insurance firm

Why do some people hate cyclists?

After being the recipient of some verbal abuse recently I got to thinking about what it is that aggravates some people by the sight of cyclists. Why do people have such a passionate dislike of cyclists? To be clear, the cyclist-hating types are a minority and on the whole my experience of motorists here in Aberdeen lifts my… Continue reading Why do some people hate cyclists?

When is it ok to kill cyclists?

Earlier this month The New York Times published an opinion piece about cycling, "Is it O.K. to Kill Cyclists?". It prompted a huge number of articles and blog posts which, insofar as discussion about cycling safety helps to improve cycling safety, is probably a good thing. Even the Economist has waded in with, "The American… Continue reading When is it ok to kill cyclists?