The wrongness of killing and abortion

I cried when I watched this clip this morning. The baby's mother has just died in a car accident and the infant is visibly distressed and mourning for her mother. Story in The Independent. We're not the only animals to mourn the loss of loved ones. We're not the only animals who love and care… Continue reading The wrongness of killing and abortion

Masturbation is sinful!

But only for men and only if you're Catholic. We women can masturbate as often as we want 🙂 Ok, this is complete nonsense. Masturbation is not a moral issue and nor is sex for that matter. The reason I'm bringing it up is because Richard Dawkins found himself in the middle of a Twitter storm… Continue reading Masturbation is sinful!

Should we care about people of the future?

"Why should I care about posterity? What's posterity ever done for me?" Groucho Marx If we follow Groucho Marx's line of reasoning then future generations do not matter because while we are able to grant benefits to them, they are unable to return the favour. A key requirement of Groucho's ethic is that there must be some… Continue reading Should we care about people of the future?

Goodies vs baddies

Our six-year-old son has been talking a lot about baddies recently, so Ben decided to probe him on it.Ben: What's the difference between a baddy and a goody?Daniel: Baddies are always fighting goodies.Ben: But if you see two people fighting, how do you know who is the baddy and who is the goody?Daniel: The baddy… Continue reading Goodies vs baddies