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  • Adventures of a virus in a hospital in South Africa

    A hospital in South Africa recently published a remarkable account of how a single patient in the emergency department (ED) introduced Covid-19 to the hospital which then managed to spread to 119 confirmed cases by 30th April. The first patient, P1, appeared at the ED for a Covid-19 test on March 9 after recently returning […]

  • Mending hearts

    My father had a routine angiogram yesterday and was raced into surgery less than 24 hours later to bypass a blockage. The operation went as expected and he’s now starting his recovery. Phew! I didn’t sleep very well last night but I’m sure I slept much better than my father did before his operation. I’m […]

  • Baby photos

    I started this blog because of the Christchurch earthquakes but many women start blogs as a way to record images of their children. My blog has certainly morphed into that over the years but there’s nothing of my children from before the earthquakes. I realised this yesterday when I went searching for a baby photo […]