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  • Bon Accord Baths

    Bon Accord Baths

    I visited the Bon Accord Baths today: a previously council-run indoor swimming pool in central Aberdeen, constructed in the 1930s in Art Deco style. The council closed the pool in 2008 and since then the building has become derelict. The council tried to sell it in 2015 and amid a public outcry at potentially losing […]

  • What makes Royal Mail post boxes so attractive?

    What makes Royal Mail post boxes so attractive?

    Have you ever noticed how attractive Royal Mail post boxes are? Compare this to BT’s green boxes: One of these objects is trying to be unobtrusive and designed (by colour) to blend into the surroundings. The other is bold, bright, hard to miss, and right in the middle of the path. Attempts to blend things […]