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  • Aberdeen to Glasgow in an electric Renault Zoe

    Aberdeen to Glasgow in an electric Renault Zoe

    On Wednesday I had to go to Glasgow for an appointment. Usually I would take the train but this time I decided to try taking the electric car mostly because it was miles cheaper. It shouldn’t be cheaper to drive but it is. The train was going to cost over £140 return for two of […]

  • Glasgow in autumn

    Glasgow in autumn

    We’ve come to Glasgow for the weekend to submit biometric data (fingerprints) for our permanent residency application. We’ve been waiting to do this since March when everything closed down. The centres began opening again in June and we’ve been waiting patiently for Aberdeen to reopen but as of this writing it still hasn’t. Every month […]

  • Glasgow SFN Expo

    Glasgow SFN Expo

    I was in Glasgow last weekend for the SFN Expo, an exhibition for anyone interested in health and fitness. WordPress.com had a stand at the exhibition and I worked there on both days. It was unlike anything I’ve attended for work before as I usually go to WordCamps or mathematics conferences which are technology-focused/academic events […]

  • Day 2 in Glasgow

    We have word from a Glaswegian that it rains twice a year in Glasgow: for three months over the summer and nine months over the winter. I like a city that can make fun of itself. Today was a rainy day so we took the city bus tour which was terrific and I highly recommend […]

  • Glasgow

    We are in Glasgow. I’ve never been here before and have wanted to visit the city for some time so yesterday we caught the train from London to Glasgow which was a very fast 4.5 hour journey covering over 540km. I love Glasgow. It has quite a distinctive look to it with lots of grand […]