Vegan protein balls

I got some pea protein powder at the SFN Expo in GlasgowSFN Expo in Glasgow. Don't ask me why. I guess I was inspired by the peanut butter balls they were making with it. They looked delicious. I've just made these: Ingredients: pea protein powder, cocoa, ground hazelnuts, sweetened condensed coconut milk, chia seeds, peanut… Continue reading Vegan protein balls

Vegan blueberry & cashew cheesecake (gluten-free too)

Since we're about to leave New Zealand, I thought I should spend all my fly buys points. So I bought a cookbook I've been wanting for some time: The Revive Café Cookbook. It's written by the owner/founder of the Revive Cafés in central Auckland. The book has exceeded all my expectations. It's wonderful. I thought I'd share this recipe… Continue reading Vegan blueberry & cashew cheesecake (gluten-free too)

Best ever hazelnut ice-cream with cointreau (and it's VEGAN)

I gave up dairy products earlier this year for a variety of reasons - environmental, health, animal welfare - and I haven't missed them in any way except for ice-cream. I love ice-cream. There are some reasonably good dairy-free ice-creams out there but they're expensive and so I've been experimenting with making my own. Most… Continue reading Best ever hazelnut ice-cream with cointreau (and it's VEGAN)