The New Zealand betrayal of science

I follow Richard Dawkins on Twitter. I don't read all his Tweets but one recently caught my attention because it mentioned the "New Zealand betrayal of science". I naturally took a closer look and also stole his click-bate words for my title. It turns out he's written a letter to the Royal Society of New… Continue reading The New Zealand betrayal of science

How many iPads does a school need?

Contrary to what people might think, I feel that spending lots of money on shiny new iPads for schools is money poorly spent. I don't deny that iPads are great learning tools - I can attest to that - but they're very expensive upfront and don't last all that long before they become obsolete and need replacing.… Continue reading How many iPads does a school need?

What not to say to a mathematician at a party

Whenever Ben tells a stranger at a party he's a mathematician the response is usually something like, "I hated maths at school". It's a very common response but if you changed the word "maths" to something else it's also a very odd response. Imagine telling someone you're a florist and they respond with, "I hate… Continue reading What not to say to a mathematician at a party