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  • More sledging bloopers

    More sledging bloopers

    These were taken last weekend. All the snow has gone now and we probably won’t see it again until next winter. It was fun while it lasted. No one was injured in the making of these videos. Me speeding down the hill …. or not. Daniel speeding down the hill and falling off. Daniel speeding […]

  • Sledging bloopers

    Sledging bloopers

    We had a fun time sledging today. Snow turns every hill into a playground. I took a short video of some of the fun, including a bit at around 30 seconds where Elizabeth careens into a tree. Ben also falls off at one point and he gets up afterwards with the speed of someone who […]

  • A new piano!

    Yesterday I took possession of a brand new, second-hand piano. No, it’s not a Steinway but it’s still the best piano I’ve ever, ever had and I’m so happy. I did try to convince Ben that if we sold the house we could buy the Steinway but sadly, he was not to be persuaded. He’s […]