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  • The wasp and the sticky bun

    The wasp and the sticky bun

    I had an encounter with the local wildlife on the weekend: a wasp stung me on my lip. It was not a particularly nice experience. I blame the cinnamon bun. I had gone to Bandit Bakery to get some bread. Bandit Bakery is the best artisan bakery on the planet and they make the best […]

  • Bandit Bakery

    Bandit Bakery

    I discovered recently that the baker who used to make the sourdough for Foodstory CafĂ© – Pete Leonard – left to open his own bakery – Bandit Bakery. A few weeks ago I went to check it out. The bakery opened at 10am and I got there at about 11:15am. They were completely sold out […]