Royal Lochnagar Distillery and Albert’s Cairn

Royal Lochnagar Distillery

Yesterday everything seemed to go wrong with the Glenfiddich distillery being closed and our subsequent failed attempts to find a distillery with a tour that wasn't fully booked and that permitted children. Today we planned to go for a hike in the Cairngorms and I decided to check Royal Lochnagar Distillery on the off-chance we… Continue reading Royal Lochnagar Distillery and Albert’s Cairn

The Balmoral pyramid

Today is the first day we've been allowed to leave Aberdeen after almost 4 months of lockdown. It was Boxing Day 2020 when all of Scotland was put into lockdown. Nearly 4 months later restrictions are starting to lift and we're allowed to leave the city for exercise and mental health but still cannot stay… Continue reading The Balmoral pyramid

Prince Albert’s Cairn

I love Sundays. This is the one day of the week when none of us is working and there are no extracurricular activities to take children to. We like to spend our Sundays walking in the hills somewhere in Aberdeenshire and perhaps because there's a bit of royal mania with the latest release of The… Continue reading Prince Albert’s Cairn

Balmoral Castle

We left Mar Lodge today but extended our holiday somewhat by visiting Balmoral Castle on the way home. Balmoral Castle is owned by the Royal Family. The estate and original castle¬†were bought by Prince Albert in 1852 but a new and bigger castle was¬†built in 1856 to the designs of Aberdeen architect William Smith. Queen… Continue reading Balmoral Castle