A Day out in Auckland City

Another lovely day yesterday. We took my aunt to the museum, then had lunch in Parnell followed by a  drive along Tamaki Drive to Mission Bay. Auckland Art GalleryAuckland CBD from the North Shore.  Mount Eden is the green hill to the right.Takapuna beachOutside the museumAuckland MuseumElizabethElizabeth again, on the steps outside the museumDaniel the turtleMy… Continue reading A Day out in Auckland City


Fabulous Christmas day today. We had lots of wonderful visitors including my sister and so we had a full traditional lunch with turkey for the carnivores and Jamie Oliver's pistachio nut roast for the vegetarian. The nut roast was delicious. Ben getting intimate with a bird on Christmas EveInspecting Santa stockings on Christmas dayOpening presentsElizabeth wearing… Continue reading Christmas


Daniel has been asking to see Santa for a wee while now and so today I took them both to see the only Santa in the southern hemisphere who is not sweating like a pig: Snowplanet Santa. He made his entrance from the top of the slopes:That's Santa: red suit, white beard, centre-fieldDaniel could barely… Continue reading Santa

How I learned to stop worrying and love the volcano

The traffic in Auckland is horrendous on days the volcano does not erupt. When it goes, cars will be useless and evacuation will need to be on foot. But where are the hundreds of thousands of evacuees going to sleep? Have they thought about that? There's no such thing as a volcanic-ash-safe tent. Maybe there's… Continue reading How I learned to stop worrying and love the volcano

The sandpit

We have a sandpit! Ben spent the weekend digging:Then it rained and rained and created a pond:This morning I put in the sand and now we have two happy children:It could probably do with a little more sand but they don't seem to mind.