Zeki has taken to scratching himself uncontrollably through the night so this morning I examined him for fleas. I found and killed 10 fleas in less than 10 minutes! This is not something I've seen since we lived in Brisbane more than 6 years ago. Damn you earthquakes! I was happy in Christchurch before you.… Continue reading Fleas

The Apocalypse

Christchurch is beginning to look very post-apocalyptic.Source: http://yfrog.com/z/kk81yufjCollapsing buildings, deserted streets and now snow. A Hollywood movie-maker's dream.I'm gutted to have missed the snow. Every winter I long for a winter wonderland and I've missed it by a few weeks.The poor old University of Canterbury has taken a battering this year. Countless teaching days have been… Continue reading The Apocalypse

Brick library, Kermadec Trench and conversing with children

Yesterday I took the kids to the Parnell public library. It is in a very grand, old brick building: I would never enter a building such as this in Christchurch and indeed I doubt it would withstand a Mag. 6 or greater earthquake but I know that the chances of that happening here are very remote. … Continue reading Brick library, Kermadec Trench and conversing with children