Coding in MC DiamondFire

Daniel has been discussing maths and physics with Ben but not for schoolwork, for Minecraft! He's got really into coding in Minecraft and has developed a game within the game which involves, among other things, throwing special blocks called slime blocks and watching them bounce. For this he needed vectors. This is a great example… Continue reading Coding in MC DiamondFire

Creating Minecraft mods: setting up the environment

Note: I've created a two YouTube videos showing how to do this - part 1 & part 2. Yesterday I posted a guide for installing Minecraft mods on a Mac. The logical next step to this is is creating your own mods. This is not quite as easy as installing them - you will need… Continue reading Creating Minecraft mods: setting up the environment

Installing Minecraft mods on a Mac

UPDATE: This post has been updated in How to install Minecraft mods on a Mac. My son is obsessed with Minecraft. He knows everything there is to know about the game, he has Minecraft toys, Minecraft books, he plays the game at school, and if we let him, he'd be at the computer all day… Continue reading Installing Minecraft mods on a Mac