Booster shot and back to school

I had my booster shot on Saturday and that completely wiped me out for the rest of the weekend. I’m only just feeling better today. I got a half dose of Moderna after having had two jabs of Pfizer. I had a similarly bad reaction after my second Pfizer dose with fever, aches, headache, and swollen lymph nodes. My armpit on the jab side is still very swollen but my fever has gone and I’m feeling a bit more human. I haven’t even had the virus yet but if this is what the vaccine is like then what’s the actual virus going to feel like? I shudder to think.

After nearly two years at an online school, the kids returned to traditional bricks-and-mortar education today. We set the ball in motion several months ago with Elizabeth missing the social contact and asking to go back to school. Daniel was less keen on the idea but as time passed and he thought about it he became more and more convinced while Elizabeth started to have doubts. We’ll try it for at least the rest of the academic year and if they decide they don’t like it we can always resume online schooling after the summer. The first day went well; so far so good.

Daniel is surprising us in the most amazing ways. Yesterday when I was ill and thought the world was ending I looked around the house and it was a mess. I asked Daniel if he’d do some vacuuming and instead of protesting he said, “Sure. Which rooms do you want me to do?”. There were no complaints. He simply got out the vacuum and did the job. Today he arrived home from school and immediately started his homework, not venturing into fun stuff until it was all done. He’s still working on his Minecraft server and has now coded a weeping angel, a frightening adversary from Doctor Who. They’re the stuff of nightmares and he’s got one in his game. It is terrifying.

They’re both such wonderful kids, the product of a happy combination of good luck, good genes, and good management.

And just because I need a pic to go with this post, here’s a photo of Victoria napping on Daisy’s habitat.





10 responses to “Booster shot and back to school”

  1. Hangaku Gozen Avatar

    I hope you’re feeling better by now! I had an odd pain in both armpits for about two weeks after I got my booster, a full dose of Pfizer. I described it as “feeling like I was being poked by a large stick in each armpit.” There were also the expected aches and fatigue, but those were gone by the third day after. I agree, if that was what the booster felt like, I would hate to find out what catching the actual virus is like. Feel better! And yes, you have wonderful kids.

    1. Rachel M Avatar

      The swelling is going down now thank goodness so hopefully I’ll sleep comfortably tonight. I know it’s only a matter of time before we all catch it and that may well happen soon for us given the kids are back at school now.

  2. Katrina Avatar

    It’s going to be interesting to hear how your kids like being back in a physical school 🙂

    1. Rachel M Avatar

      I think they’re enjoying the social contact and just getting out of the house each day. The school can give them a richer learning environment than we can.

  3. Colin Begg Avatar

    I had no I’ll effects from any of my 3 shots (2 x Oxford and 1 x Pfizer). Christine had pain in her arm from jabs 2 and 3. Good to see Daniel is growing up. Our grandson Josh is going the same way.

    1. Rachel M Avatar

      Lucky! I’m hoping the real thing won’t be as bad as the vaccines. Great to hear your grandson is doing well. It must be good genes.

  4. Jonathan Avatar

    I had the lump in my armpit after the second jab – bizarrely it didn’t return after the booster. It’s interesting how the different vaccines have affected different people in different ways.

    1. Rachel M Avatar

      I’ve had it after all three, even the first one. It has made it hard to sleep because it’s uncomfortable to sleep on my side.

  5. Creatieve Creaties Avatar

    Awww Victoria is such a cutie!!
    And weeping angels are super scary indeed! They are in my top 3 of most freaky things in Doctor Who!
    Along with The Master and the Daleks.
    The Master is number 1 for me.
    Daleks might have to share their spot with thr Cybermen 🤔
    A lot of scary things in Doctor Who.
    Don’t forget “the empty child” (“are you my mummy?”).
    Anyway,.. enough of that 😇

    Sorry to hear you felt so ill again after the booster.
    I’m getting mine this friday. I’m very much looking forward to it. The number of people with covid in my country has never been this high 🙈
    Hope you’ll feel all better soon!! 💐🌞

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