Hamster house video tour

Are the hamster blog posts getting a bit boring? I’m sorry. I’ve just given Bella’s house an extension and I want to give you a tour. Her house now has a third storey with a gym for exercise. Hopefully, this will help her slim down a bit.

5 responses to “Hamster house video tour”

  1. Great job with her habitat – looks so much better than what she had.

  2. She could be putting on some fat for winter…if conditions are cold enough she might go torpid/hibernate and needs the stored energy to see her through the cold period.

    1. It’s reasonably warm in our house but I’m not sure what it was like before she came to us. I just assumed she was a bit fat because her enclosure was so little and she didn’t get much exercise but I could be wrong. I’m not feeding her any less or anything. But she has more space now and a big wheel to exercise on.

  3. I can’t believe how small the original homes are?? It reminds me of a cardboard box castle contraption I made when I was 7 to shoot counters and things from top to bottom. I used to wish I could live inside the castle so this is like more than a dream come true for Bella. I’m sure it will be very good for her to have so much more space and interest.

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