Hamster pics

Victoria thinks the hamsters are getting too much attention. “What about me?”

I took this video of Bella taking a walnut into her house. Bella is a bit on the chubby side. I’m hoping that with a bigger cage she’ll get more exercise and slim down bit.

3 responses to “Hamster pics”

  1. The tunnel does look like a snug fit – lol! I take it that they have powerful enough teeth to crack a walnut shell?

    1. Yes, she almost seems too fat for the tunnel but she can move up and down quickly so I guess they just rearrange the fat 🙂

      Apparently, they can crack a walnut shell although she hasn’t managed to get through this one yet.

  2. It looks like there is plenty to keep Bella occupied, what a nice life she must lead. And very fascinating to watch.

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