Not a kitten any more, cycling lessons, and in the paper

Victoria sleeps in our bed most nights now and I mean literally in our bed. She buries herself under the covers head and all. I don’t know how she can stand it. It must get terribly hot. I think she probably alternates and spends some of the time on the bed and some of the time under the covers.

She goes outside most days now. I wanted to keep her as an indoor cat but she really wanted to go outside and I’m a softy.

On Saturday morning I spent half the day at Duthie Park to oversee the cycling lessons the Aberdeen Cycle Forum has been organising thanks to funding from Cycling UK, Paths for All, and various other places including our crowdfunder. Our reclaim the streets event in May got cancelled and so instead of having a one-day event with two lessons we’ve been putting on free lessons and a Dr Bike every two weeks since the end of August.

It’s quite a lot work to organise but so worthwhile. One set of lessons is for adults who have never ridden a bike before and it’s so rewarding to see them get their first thrill on two wheels.

This weekend the weather was awful. There’s a reason Scotland is the wind farm capital of the world. There were a few tense moments during the lessons when I thought the bikes may go airborne but despite the wind everyone turned up and it was a great day.

We’ve had so much demand for the lessons and they always end up fully booked the instant they go live. Here are the enthusiastic cyclists getting ready at 9:30am last Saturday.

We’ve even got some Aberdeen Cycle Forum-branded snoods that double as face masks to give away now.

While I was at the park I saw this terrific electric bike. The fellow let me take a photo. It’s a RAD Power bike. Look at the size of those tyres!

Last Friday I made it into both local papers thanks to the disappointing news that Aberdeen’s one and only segregated cycle path is to be removed. Here’s the P&J article and the Evening Express.

3 thoughts on “Not a kitten any more, cycling lessons, and in the paper”

  1. You got your new crocheted hat in the newspaper! I like the way you get vocal and active for those things you believe in. My brother really likes the UK, and he reckons that no weather stops ‘the Poms’ from doing anything – lol! Not like here, even in Christchurch, where we balk at a bit of nasty weather 🙂

    1. Yes, wearing my hat was a deliberate decision that day not just because I think it looks good but because I hadn’t washed my hair. If I’d known the night before that I would be photographed for the paper I’d have washed it. Hats a great for hiding messy hair.

      And yes, you can’t let the weather spoil a bit of outdoor fun in this part of the world. I like the saying that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.

  2. I haven’t cycled for about a week, I don’t like cycling in the wind. But it’s so good to get people to learn how to ride bikes, so that they will hopefully get excited about it and show others what a great thing it is. Definitely worthwhile, well done for organising it.

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