The Highland Fling

Elizabeth started taking Highland Dance classes about 2.5 years ago and I posted a little video of her prancing about our lounge room at that time. I found it on my blog – Going Native – recently and showed her. She was mortified by what she saw her younger self doing – “What on earth am I doing?”, “Those are the worst high cuts I’ve ever seen”. She was in hysterics as she watched it.

Here she is 2.5 years later doing The Highland Fling and doing it very well.

A year ago I started taking Highland Dance classes for adults. It’s not easy to do and is a very athletic sport/dance. There’s a lot of jumping! I can do the Highland Fling too … just. Here’s the proof.

The adult classes are currently on hold while we’re in lockdown but I recommend it for anyone looking for a fun way to keep fit when the lockdown is eased. This is what you can learn in one year with no prior experience.