A walk in the cemetery and frustration with the council

We’re allowed to go out for exercise more than once per day now provided we maintain social distancing. We often don’t go out at all because we do Joe Wicks’ PE class daily and we also have the trampoline but it’s nice to explore a bit on the weekend.

The weather was very strange today. It snowed, rained, hailed, the wind blew, and it was sunny. We took the opportunity during one of the sunny spells to walk through a cemetery. Cemeteries are good places to go we’ve discovered because there’s no one else there, other than lots of dead people and they don’t have Covid-19. It was also quite lovely with lots of blossom trees in bloom.



Look how quiet this dual carriageway is. There’s plenty of space for a segregated bike path here.



I’ve been so angry with our city council recently. Last week they approved a CPO (compulsory purchase order) for South College Street which will enable them to increase road capacity for cars. They had time for this meeting but not for the more important low emission zone planning which has been put on hold. Low emission zones are more important than ever given the suspected link between air quality and Covid-19 deaths. Not only that but the council is perversely saying this new dual carriageway will be good for coronavirus economic recovery, pollution, and carbon emissions which is like saying smoking a packet of cigarettes a day will be good for your lungs.