Lockdown with exercise #COVID2019

We are now in lockdown. I had hoped it wouldn’t get to this but it seems people have not been obeying the 2m distance rule and so the government yesterday banned anyone from leaving their homes unless it’s to go to work, get essential supplies (food or medicine) or go out for exercise. It is disappointing and I only hope people obey these rules otherwise they’ll take away the exercise too as this is what happened in Italy. Don’t be patient 31, a Korean woman who infected thousands of other people.

We are very fortunate to have a backyard. I spent much of last weekend gardening and it was wonderful. I’m expecting to have the best garden ever this summer given that’s all we’re allowed to do now. We’re also very fortunate to have a trampoline as this is a great way to get exercise without leaving your home. Even Ben has been sneaking out to the trampoline each day for a bounce. The trampoline may well be the best investment we ever made.



I’m hoping I can still cycle to my allotment. This likely counts as exercise and getting essential supplies since I’ve got kale I can harvest there. I’ve also left the burgeoning stinging nettle in the garden since we may want to eat it in the coming months. Stinging nettle is very nutritious and grows like a weed if you let it.

Since I’ve had to abandon the online supermarket shopping for now so that people in quarantine can have the delivery slots I’ve had to physically go to the shops. I’ve always hated the big supermarket chains and never liked going. That’s why I’ve always ordered my groceries online so this is a new and annoying experience for me that I’m trying to avoid. On Sunday I went to Foodstory instead which has a small grocery store upstairs and there was not a soul there. It was completely empty and all the shelves were full.




It’s true that it’s more expensive than a supermarket because it’s a single independent store run by locals and they don’t have the same economy of scale but we need to support them and there are other ways to save money. For instance, I have always bought canned chickpeas but maybe it’s time to buy the dried version then soak and cook them myself. It’s much cheaper to do this. I’ve also been doing lots of baking at home and I make all my own plant-based milk now. Last night I pulled out our old bread machine which hasn’t seen any action for years and years.

I’m expecting the kids to start complaining if I stop buying vegan magnums and nakd bars from the supermarket but perhaps we all need a good dose of WWII rationing. We’ve had such a surplus of cheap, processed foods for so long that people now take it for granted.

Here are a couple of links so you can support your local businesses as much as possible through this difficult time.

Foodstory online shop – http://foodstorycafe.co.uk/shop/
Bonobo online shop – https://www.bonobotribe.co.uk