The 16:8 diet and inhaling marmite

I have been on the 16/8 diet for a few weeks now. This diet lets you eat whatever you want for 8 hours in the day. For the rest of the 16 hours you can’t eat anything. You can choose when the 8 hours fall and mine are typically from 11am – 7pm. Essentially I’m just skipping breakfast.

I have never dieted in my life and have always been able to eat whatever I want without gaining weight. This diet was prompted by the discovery that one of my favourite dresses no longer fits. I thought I could skip breakfast for a week and all would be well again but it has been three weeks and not much has changed. I think I have lost 1kg but the dress is still too tight and I’m finding it hard to skip breakfast. Dieting is much harder than I thought!

My usual breakfast is toast with marmite and so desperate am I that sometimes I find myself opening the marmite jar in the kitchen and sniffing it, hoping that by inhaling the aroma I’ll get my fix of marmite on toast. I’ve even considered eating marmite from a spoon, something I would never normally do. It’s fair to say I do not want to permanently skip breakfast.

I have discovered a possible beneficial side-effect of the fasting. I didn’t get my usual migraine this month. Maybe it was just a coincidence? Every month I get a migraine and there’s usually at least one day where it’s fairly debilitating and I have to go to bed at 7pm and the headache stays with me all night long. I still got a very mild headache this month but it was tolerable and didn’t affect my sleep or usual daily activities. It’s too short a time period to really know whether it was the diet but I’ll continue for another month – or try to – and see what happens.

Something happens when you reach your mid-40s. Your body requires fewer calories or maybe we just become less active. Whatever it is the golden years of gorging without weight gain are over. I have read that our muscle mass starts to decline in our 30s and so it becomes more important to do strength training exercises to maintain it. Less muscle means a lower food requirement. I’m still doing baby shark abs everyday but I think I need something else and don’t have time to go to the gym. Can anyone recommend some good strength training exercises?