Where’s my 8-pack?

I’ve been doing the baby shark abs challenge for more than 30 days now (32 days to be exact). It has got much easier, so much so, that now I think I could go on doing the exercises for longer than 1 minute 33 seconds. I feel stronger too and notice my new strength in simple everyday activities such as sitting up in bed to drink my tea. I like having the abdominal strength and am using it.

One disappointment for me is I had hoped to have an 8-pack by now but there’s not even a 6-pack let alone an 8-pack. Someone told me I need to lose all the fat around my belly to see the muscles and that’s probably not going to happen since I discovered Ben & Jerry’s vegan peanut butter and cookie ice cream. However, I do think there’s a glimpse of definition there now that wasn’t there before. It may not be a 6-pack or even close to being “ripped” but it’s definitely muscular in appearance.


Meanwhile, at work, we’ve started a 30-day planking challenge. Planking sucks partly because it’s so boring. At least with baby shark abs the movements change and the whole thing is over very quickly. With planking, two minutes feels like two hours. But maybe I’m saying this because I’ve only just started. I may think differently next month.

I have always been very healthy (and vegan for nearly 20 years now), but I have recently been inspired by The Game Changers movie and seeing the positive impact of a plant-based diet on professional athletes: it improved their endurance, recovery time, and reduced their injury rate. But I suppose this really shouldn’t be a surprise. Plants contain the anti-oxidants our bodies need to improve our immune system and reduce inflammation. Plants also contain fiber which improves digestion. I don’t think it’s possible to be vegan and constipated unless you have an underlying medical condition such as celiac disease. Genes and luck also play a role but don’t underestimate the importance of diet.