Pickings from my allotment and buffet breakfasts

I got a funny mix of summer and winter veg at the plot today. The tomatoes in the glasshouse are still fruiting, although more slowly now, and I harvested the first of my leeks. I also harvested my one and only pumpkin. It has been small and green for several weeks now so I decided it wasn’t going to get any bigger and the vine was dying. I’ll pop it on a window sill to see whether it goes orange. I don’t think this is the right climate for these sorts of pumpkins. My kale is doing well although I still have an infestation of slugs.


Sometimes on a Sunday morning, we like to have a big buffet breakfast at home. The children love hotel buffet breakfasts but they tend to be disappointing for vegans so we make our own vegan versions at home that are amazing. Here’s a pic of our spread. We have vegan pancakes and vegan tofu weiners, sourdough bread, strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, avocado, mango, and vegan yoghurt. Who says you need meat to eat well?


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