This is Lola, a Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever crossed with a Poodle). She’s a BorrowMyDoggy dog and her owner works every day so we give her exercise and company three days per week.  We love having her. She’s such a delightful dog; so clever and so calm and gentle. I’d trust her with a newborn.


The kids love it when she comes over and Daniel, in particular, is very taken with her. She likes fetching balls which is not surprising given she’s part retriever. Here she is sleeping with a ball in her mouth.


Golden Retrievers were bred to retrieve shot game and they could do it without damaging the animal with their teeth. Today she walked to the back gate carrying her lead in her mouth to let us know it was time for walkies.


If we were ever going to get a dog again I’d want a Goldendoodle. They have the lovely temperament and gentleness of a Golden Retriever and the intelligence and curly coat of a poodle. The only problem is I’d feel bad about getting a designer dog when animal shelters are full of unwanted dogs. However, animal shelters are full of the sorts of dogs I wouldn’t want – scary-looking terriers and pit bulls. I’m also happy we can give a dog like Lola, who would otherwise be home alone all day, some company. I get some company too and it forces me to step away from my desk and go for a walk in the park each day which is good for me.